Top 10 Baby Food Makers in 2021

Using baby food makers is the healthiest form of food processing for your baby since it helps to retain the valuable nutrients. In comparison to canned baby food, the ingredients that you use to prepare the food in a baby food maker are hundred percent fresh because they are at their absolute ripeness. When you're purchasing store-bought food you cannot be sure what exactly you're feeding your baby because there's a plethora of preservatives, chemicals, and added sugar in them. On the other hand, using a baby food maker to prepare your baby's food is not just healthier but it allows you to put in a variety of food and make delicious combinations that you may not find in canned food. 

Plus, your baby can simply enjoy the same food items as you if you steam or blend them to prepare their food. This way, you can prevent them from being a picky eater. Given these reasons, a baby food maker is essential for making food for your baby. To help you select a great one, we are here with a list of the best baby food makers you can find in the market along with a buying guide on the product.




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Babymoov Baby Food Maker

Babymoov Baby Food Maker

3-speed blending option with 2 steamer baskets

Offers 6 different operations including cooking, blending, sterilizing, and more 

LCD and audio alert for easy operation

MOM&HOME Baby Food Maker

MOM&HOME Baby Food Maker

4 precision blades for quick blending

Holds a capacity of 25 oz.

Can be used as a mixer, meat chopper, juicer, and more

Elechomes Baby Food Maker

Elechomes Baby Food Maker

Compact device with 8 powerful applications

Easy to operate with timer

Self-cleaning feature

Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Set

Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Set

Blends and steams with a push of one button

3 settings to choose from: steam, blend, or both

Comes with 3 reusable food pouches

TOTMEAL Baby Food Maker

TOTMEAL Baby Food Maker

Multifunctional with 5 different applications

Comes with 3 stackable food containers

Auto-off feature

WHALELOVE Baby Food Maker

WHALELOVE Baby Food Maker

High-speed motor that runs at 18000R /minute

Steaming and blending with one key 

Has a stainless steel blade that is resistant to rust

Ventray BabyGrow Baby Food Maker

Ventray BabyGrow Baby Food Maker

Allows healthy steaming that still maintains vitamins

Comes with a steaming basket

Comes with an adjustable timer

Nuby Baby Food Maker

Nuby Baby Food Maker

Blender can be adjusted for different textured food

Comes with a steamer basket

Additional bowls for storing baby food

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker

2 in 1 system with a food processor and a blender

Made with BPA-free plastic

Allows hassle-free cleanup

NUK Baby Food Maker

NUK Baby Food Maker

Holds a capacity of 12 oz.

Comes with a sippy cup and 6 stackable cups

Made of Tritan plastic that withstands the force of 250 watts

1. Babymoov Baby Food Maker – Best Overall Baby Food Maker

Babymoov Baby Food Maker

This baby food maker from Babymoov is perfect for making food for babies since it has got features that cover steaming, cooking, blending, warming, and more. Thanks to its trio-speed setting you can choose to blend ingredients or food items at a low setting for a blended yet course texture and while the highest speed forms a creamy consistency.  

It's quite easy to use and clean as well. You just have to fill the base, add the food tray, select time, and wait for the timer to go off when it's done. The blender has a container at the bottom that will store the nutrients and vitamins in the water when steaming which you can add to the mix for a tastier outcome. You can use this food maker to blend fruits, vegetables, meat, or any other protein. If you are looking for a highly durable baby food maker, this is your guy!


  • 3 speeds feature that allows you to achieve the consistency you want
  • 6-in-1 design that allows warming, blending, sterilizing, cooking, and defrosting
  • Has an LCD screen with 6 easy-to-use functions
  • Free of BPA, lead, and phthalate


  • Hard to transfer food; needs to be scooped out

2. MOM&HOME Baby Food Maker – Best Multifunctional Baby Food Maker

MOM&HOME Baby Food Maker

Here’s a multifunctional and highly durable baby food maker that features 6 functions to meet all your baby food making needs. Due to the large capacity that it can hold, you can easily make any food for your baby at once and store it for meals later. It comes with 4 precision blades which cut down food into fine pieces making them quite easy to blend quickly. 

Since the baby food maker has 6 automated modes you can simply choose the specific one while making the food: fruits, vegetables, grains, rice paste, meat, and fish. You can also combine steaming and stirring to get a creamier texture. All in all, it’s a heavy-duty multifunctional baby food maker that every parent should own. 


  • Supplements as mixer, juicer, chopper, and steamer
  • Has preset for best cooking time for different food items
  • Constructed with borosilicate glass that is easy to clean
  • Has a disinfection mode by which the food maker can disinfect itself


  • The glass blender is not dishwasher safe

3. Elechomes Baby Food Maker – Best All-In-One Baby Food Maker

Elechomes Baby Food Maker

Here’s a baby food maker from Elechomes that will make your parenting life easier! Within just a few minutes, you can prepare healthy and nutritious food for your baby by utilizing one of the eight functions that this baby maker offers. You can steam and blend fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish in this baby maker. Plus, you can warm or reheat milk, steam eggs, sterilize baby bottles and cups, and much more! You can simply choose the steam strength by controlling the knob on the product. 

This baby maker is safe for children as well since it has a kid-proof safety switch. The lifespan of the product has been kept in mind during manufacture therefore it automatically turns off if the water level in it is too low. It is quite easy to clean as well since the blade comes off easily so you can remove it, rinse it, pat it try, and put it back in the food maker. Overall, it's a great baby food maker because it simply has everything you need to make food for your baby.


  • Has 8 powerful features that allow you to cook, steam, blend, reheat, and defrost
  • Time-saving self-cleaning feature
  • Free of any toxic elements including BPA, phthalates, and lead
  • Timer that reminds you once cooking is done


  • Not the quietest food maker

4. Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Set – Best Mini Baby Food Maker

Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Set

This baby food maker from Baby Brezza is a small 2-in-1 cooker and blender that can be used to make baby food such as vegetable purees, fruit pastes, rice, etc. It allows you to choose from three functions including only blending, only steaming, or an automatic option of blending after steaming. You may choose the desired option based on the food product. 

This baby food maker comes with a 3.5 oz. cup and three food pouches that you can store the extra food in. It’s quite easy to use as well since it has a self-explanatory control panel on the front of the maker. Plus, it’s made of high-quality plastic that is free of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalate, and cadmium. If you are looking for a small baby food maker that gets the basic job done such as steaming and blending, you should get your hands on this one from Baby Brezza. 


  • Performs cooking and blending in a single step
  • Allows you to choose from 3 settings of steaming, blending, or automatic blending after steaming
  • Comes with filling funnels to store food
  • Easy to clean


  • Cannot be used for cooking meat or fish

5. TOTMEAL Baby Food Maker – Best Baby Food Maker For Quick Cooking

TOTMEAL Baby Food Maker

This is a smart baby food maker that has a T 304 stainless steel water tank and comes with a split steaming basket for quick steaming and cooking. With the smart touch panel on the body of the baby food maker, you can easily control one of the 7 functions that this baby food maker offers. Not only can you use this to blend, chop, steam, or cook ingredients, you can also use it to warm milk and disinfect/sterilize baby bottles. If you run out of recipes, this baby food maker has got it covered too.  You can simply install the TOTMEAL app on your phone and get access to a myriad of recipes, blogs, and nutrition facts that are worth knowing. 

The food maker has high-quality stainless steel blades with a waterproof ring. With the help of the Auto-off feature, you don't have to worry about leaving it on after you're done using it. In this baby food maker, you can cook or prepare all kinds of food quickly and store the extra food in the containers that come with the product.  


  • Has 7 functions including steaming, cooking, blending, chopping, and more
  • Anti-dry protection system to keep the tank dry
  • Comes with an extra rice bowl to cook various grains
  • Free of lead, BPA, and phthalates


  • There are other baby food makers featured in this article that has a larger capacity

6. WHALELOVE Baby Food Maker – Best Baby Food Maker For Multitasking

WHALELOVE Baby Food Maker

Here's a baby food maker from WHALELOVE that is perfect for making nutritious food within a few minutes. The product features an LCD screen that displays easy-to-control functions. The large-capacity bowl that comes with this product is suitable for making all kinds of food for babies including fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, rice, and more. The baby food maker is constructed with durable materials such as the T304 Stainless steel blades, the seamless sealing ring at the bottom of the food maker, and all dishwasher-safe accessories. 

To maximize the product lifespan, this food maker has anti-dry and auto shut down features. You can easily detach all the parts of the food maker or add clean water to the tank and press auto-cleaning. Overall, it's an amazing baby food maker since it can be used for multiple tasks that are required to process healthy food for babies.


  • Steaming and blending possible with one key
  • Auto-cleaning function that saves time
  • Free of BPA, lead, or any similar toxic chemicals
  • S-shaped blade that efficiently blends ingredients


  • High-fiber foods should be cooked before blending in this product

7. Ventray BabyGrow Baby Food Maker – Best Compact Baby Food Maker

Ventray BabyGrow Baby Food Maker

If you are looking for a baby food maker that does a great job of steaming and blending ingredients, this is certainly a great choice. This baby food maker from Ventray is built to steam food ingredients while maintaining all the water-soluble vitamins in it. This way, the cooked food remains tasty and full of nutrients. 

With the help of the precision blade in this baby food maker, you can quickly make purees out of vegetables and fruits like sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, apples, and more. The product comes with a steaming basket as well as a mixing lid, measuring cup, and spatula. Also, it comes with an auto-shutoff feature as well which is quite convenient when you're busy. Overall, it's a great portable and compact baby food maker which steams and blends food ingredients perfectly.


  • Performs precision blending with large blades
  • Compact design that allows you to store it easily
  • Built-in timer to steam or defrost ingredients up to 25 minutes
  • Comes with a recipe booklet that offers unique options


  • Not suitable for cooking meat or fish

8. Nuby Baby Food Maker – Best Value Baby Food Maker

Nuby Baby Food Maker

If you prefer to make food for your baby at different consistencies, this baby food maker from Nuby will get that job done perfectly. With its stage one setting, you can make perfect purees, the stage two set is for making chunkier textures, and last but certainly not least, you can use the stage three setting for mini-meals. 

You get a cookbook with its purchase that is filled with unique yet simple recipes that are baby-friendly. It's a reliable and durable baby food maker that you can use to prepare food for your baby. This 22-piece set comes with everything you need to make and store nutritious baby food. Plus, you can purchase it at a much affordable price in comparison to the ones featured above. Therefore, it's undoubtedly a great value baby food maker. 


  • Offers blending in three stages to get the desired product
  • Comes with both large and small bowl for easy cooking and storing
  • Two blades for blending and fine milling
  • Comes with a microwave-friendly steamer basket


  • No on/off button so external pressure has to be applied on the blender for operation

9. Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker – Best Portable Baby Food Maker

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker

Here’s a baby food maker from Sage Spoonfuls that features a processor and a blender in one. The versatile device is great for making smoothies as well as soft foods for babies. It's a powerful yet quiet device that does an excellent job of preparing baby food. The multi-purpose baby food maker can also be used for making sauces, hummus, or various other dips. 

Since you can achieve different textures of food with this baby food maker, it’s suitable for babies at all feeding stages. You can easily make baby food using this device within just a few minutes. The sleek baby food maker comes with a food processor attachment and immersion blender both of which are dishwasher-friendly. Lastly, you can obtain this product at a very affordable price! Therefore, if you are looking for a baby food maker that is compact, powerful, and affordable, get your hands on this one from Sage Spoonfuls.


  • 2-in-1 system with a food processor and blender
  • Free of toxic elements such as PVC, BPA, phthalates, and lead
  • Promotes hassle-free clean up with dishwasher safe accessories
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can blend food at a small capacity

10. NUK Baby Food Maker – Best Affordable Baby Food Maker

NUK Baby Food Maker

This baby food maker is simply a mini version of a blender and it does an excellent job of blending various food items such as fruits and vegetables to make purees and smoothies for babies. It’s a 20-piece set that includes everything you need to make soft foods that are baby-friendly. You can blend ingredients and use the stackable cups that come with the product to store blended food for later meals. 

Apart from purees and smoothies, you can also make chunky meals by simply not running the blender for too long. The sippy cup that comes with this product is spill-proof therefore you can take it on the go. Overall, it’s a great baby food maker that is highly affordable. Therefore, if you want one that is good for making purees and smoothies for your baby, get this one from NUK.


  • Allows one-touch blending
  • Constructed with durable and high-quality Tritan plastic
  • All the accessories and the baby food maker are dishwasher-friendly
  • The cleanup time can be reduced by directly attaching the sippy cup to the blender


  • Doesn’t support features like steaming or warming ingredients

Baby Food Maker Buying Guide

If you are a new parent, buying a baby food maker can be quite overwhelming given that there’s a myriad of options available to choose from. Since it plays a huge role in preparing all the meals for your baby, you should make sure that you get the right one that meets all your requirements. Therefore, you must get yourself acquainted with the following before you purchase a baby food maker. 

The Type Of Food Maker

There are various types of baby food makers that cover an array of functions. Some baby food makers only offer basic functions such as steaming and blending while others cover grinding, reheating, cooking, defrosting, and more! If you are not sure of exactly what to prepare for your baby but you want to have your options open it's better to get a multifunctional baby food maker so that you can do everything in one device starting from chopping to cooking. 

Plus, it will also save counter space if you have just one product that does all the jobs required to prepare meals for your baby. 

Materials Used To Make It 

Since this device is for preparing food for babies, the materials used to make the device must be unbreakable. The last thing you want is tiny pieces of plastic or blade getting mixed with your baby’s food. Therefore, look for a model that ensures that all the parts and accessories are made of strong materials. 


BPA, also known as Bisphenol A, is a compound that is usually found in plastic containers or bottles. Although it hasn't been proved whether BPA is harmful, many people prefer to use plastic products that do not contain BPA. Therefore, when you’re looking for a baby food maker, make sure it’s not constructed with plastic that has BPA in it. 


Parenting is one of the hardest tasks given that there’s so much to look after at the same time. Most parents try to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen as they’d rather spend quality time with their baby. Keeping this in mind, some baby food maker brands offer large capacity so a huge batch of meals can be made at the same time. 

If you’re someone who’d prefer to make meals for your baby for the whole week, go for baby food makers that have a large processor. However, if you want to feed fresh food to your baby for every meal, a small capacity baby food maker would do the job. 


Given that you would have to use the baby food maker every day or multiple times a day, it's better to get one that is dishwasher safe or at least easy to clean. Since some baby food makers have lots of accessories it's time-consuming and convenient to manually wash every part. 

Putting the baby food maker and its different parts in the dishwasher is definitely the easiest way to go. So, when you’re buying a baby food maker make sure it is dishwasher-friendly. 


Depending on the functionality and brand, the prices of baby food makers may vary significantly. In this article, the price range of baby food makers starts from around $30 to $160. Of course, the price depends on what the device has to offer. So, before you make a purchase decision it’s good to have a price range in mind so that you look into only those that full within the range. 

Also, keep in mind that you’d need to use a baby food maker for about a year because after that your toddler should be able to consume regular food. Therefore, set a price in mind that you’re will to spend before you look into the options.

Baby Food Maker FAQs

Q. Is it loud?

A. If you’re using the steaming function, it is relatively quiet. However, if you’re using the blending function it makes the same amount of noise a regular blender would. 

Q. Can you puree meat in it?

A. Yes, you can make meat purees in it as long as they are cut into small chunks and well-cooked before you put them in the device. 

Q. Can you achieve food with different consistencies using it?

A. Yes. Some baby food makers offer blending at different speeds which will allow you to prepare food with different consistencies. If not, you can just blend until the food reaches the consistency you want. 

Final Thoughts

Baby food makers are a great investment because it saves you a lot of money in the long run. By preparing food in such devices, you can control exactly what you're feeding to your baby, and this way they'll receive more nutrients from vegetables, meat, fish, etc. When you feed pureed food items of what the whole family is eating, you're introducing more flavors to your baby at an early age. Baby food makers are amazing for busy parents because either they can be operated using one hand or some of them even have timers that notify you when the food is ready. 

Plus, they are multifunctional devices because not only can you use them to puree food for your baby, you can also steam vegetables or blend fruits and vegetables to make food items for both the baby and the family. With that being said, we are positive that any baby food maker you choose from here will do exactly what it claims to do but if we had to select our favorite it has to be the one from MOM&HOME as it is multifunctional, sturdy, and holds a large capacity. 


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